Podcast Episode 8 – Thank You, Teachers: Arkansas Department of Education Secretary Johnny Key


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

To celebrate, Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Secretary Johnny Key joins us in this episode to share how our state’s educators have stepped up to shine in a time of uncertainty.

We talk about:

  • The importance of his role as ADE Secretary to the state
  • What necessary steps the agency has had to make when COVID-19 hit America
  • How schools in Arkansas have managed to keep operating under some kind of normalcy
  • Creative solutions teachers have had to come up with to keep their classrooms going
  • What the ADE is doing to ensure educators are in good mental health
  • What the biggest struggle has been for teachers across the state
  • How we can continue to support teachers
  • What is next for schools in Arkansas, and how this could change the way technology is implemented in the classroom


The ADE has a menu of options to help you find the information you’re seeking, whether you’re a parent, administrator, teacher, or student.

Learning Resources for School Closure in Arkansas

Arkansas COVID-19 Food Access Map


World Health Organization

You can also visit MyFarmers.Bank/Covid19 for updates regarding our hours and services available.

*This episode was recorded via Zoom.


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