This is the BONUS episode with Texarkana Santa! He made a special trip to Bryant, Arkansas to answer some kids’ tough questions.

“How did you become Santa?”
“Have you ever caught a kid on Christmas?”
“How many cookies do you eat in one night?”
“Who is your favorite reindeer?”
“Do you ever shave your beard?”
…and more!

Santa shared with each child their own “Elfin” name. He says that’s the only language they speak at the North Pole! So please welcome Sneezlewee (Shad), Lillywee (Elin), Lillywoo (Etta), Flunk (Warner), and Floober (Slater) to the Podcast!

Etta McClure interviewing Santa

You can listen to his interview with Farmers Bank & Trust Right at the Heart Podcast Host Cara Knight HERE.

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We’re feeling the magic of Christmas after this interview with the big man in red – that’s right, Santa Claus!

Santa Mark, aka Texarkana Santa, stopped by the Farmers Bank & Trust Bryant branch to share a little bit about his life leading up to this magical role. You’ll never guess his career prior to suiting up!

If you’re listening to this podcast episode with your children, skip on to our bonus episode HERE. Several Farmers Bank & Trust kids interview Santa, and some even share their “top secrets”!

The Royal Robe, as Santa Mark calls it.

The Details of Santa’s Suit

As I explain to the children, the boots have a lot of extra cushiony room on top of my toes because reindeer are really clumsy and they step on my toes a lot! They’re also extra-wide so they look and work like snow shoes, so I don’t fall on the snow and ice at the North Pole.

The glasses perched right at the tip of his nose are non-reflective, non-glare for pictures.
Snowflake designs are pressed into the red velvet vest and it’s fashioned together with gold snowflake buttons.

My reindeer bells are solid brass bells that are tuned. There are three different-sized bells on there so they produce a magical sound.

Santa Mark posing with some of the Bryant branch staff. L to R: Loan Assistant Emilee Neal, Market President Kent McClure, Retail Banker Kayla Ray, Content Specialist & Right at the Heart Podcast Host Cara Knight, Branch Manager Allie Stokes

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The Official Grill Master of the Dallas Cowboys, Randy Lann, has special ties to Farmers Bank & Trust. He is from Magnolia, AR, and wears many hats. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Arkansas Homefurnishings Association.

In this episode, Randy talks about how he landed his dream gig and what it has been like sharing his passion for cooking and entertaining for America’s Team.

“They (Dallas Cowboys) were nice enough years ago, after I cooked on my personal rig for a while, to let me design and build one of the nicest grills out there,” Lann said. “A company out of Houston, Texas called Pitmaker built it for me. It folds out and I can push a button and a big screen tv comes up in the middle and I can feed about 1,000 people off that one rig.”

(L to R) Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones, Randy Lann
Randy posing for a photo before he cuts the Thanksgiving game turkey on live television, a tradition he enjoys every year.
Randy and his wife Cindy.
Farmers Bank & Trust Bryant, AR Market President Kent McClure, Credit Analyst Michael Shinn, and Malvern, AR Market President Scott White helping Randy and friends cook for the Annual Arkansas State Police Foundation Dinner.

Randy posing for a photo while tailgating at a Razorback game with Jerry Jones, his wife, and friends.

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Farmers Bank & Trust supports breast cancer awareness, education, and research. Many people within the company are personally impacted by it.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

In this episode, Kim McDaniel in New Boston, Texas shares her breast cancer story. She is now two years into her diagnosis: Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She is close to her recovery journey, and her attitude in fighting this cancer is inspiring.

It’s not just October. This is year-round awareness. It’s year-round education. If you’re going through it, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who has gone through it. I love sharing what I’ve experienced at each phase. Don’t do this alone. Find a resource.


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As President and CEO, Chris Gosnell focuses on cultivating a HEART culture at Farmers Bank & Trust. In this episode, we talk about:

  • How he began his career in banking
  • What it’s like leading a 115-year-old legacy Bank
  • Why he adopted the HEART core values and what they mean to him
  • Why he seeks non-traditional bankers for employment
  • Goals he has for the future of Farmers Bank & Trust
  • …and more!

For more on the history of Farmers Bank & Trust, visit HERE.

Farmers Bank and Trust Company was chartered on September 26, 1906, in Magnolia, Arkansas. The oldest existing general ledgers indicate that the bank began with approximately $75,000 in assets. The primary business of the bank at the time was deposit services. Today, the bank has assets that exceed $1.9 billion and offers a wide variety of products and services to serve the needs of the communities it serves.

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Farmers Bank & Trust has a branch in Prosper, TX, and during a recent visit there, host Cara Knight stopped by FUSE Workspace to chat with CEO and second-generation hospitality entrepreneur Mike Daugherty.

FUSE is a co-working space where businesses and non-profits can work, build community, and be inspired.

The 3 pillars FUSE operates on are:

  • Hospitality
  • Community
  • Flexibility

They provide resources, space, and the tools necessary to help organizations thrive. There’s even a grab-and-go cafe and concierge staff on-site.

In this episode, Mike shares his humble beginnings, his vision behind FUSE, and the meaning of the #DOMORE philosophy.


Photo Courtesy of FUSE Workspace

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Danyelle Musselman speaking at Behind the Blue Door at the Magnolia High School Basketball Arena on June 24, 2021.

Farmers Bank & Trust and the Farmers Bank Foundation are campaigning for the Boys and Girls Club of Magnolia. It’s called Funding Great Futures! To kick things off, we hosted an event called Behind the Blue Door with special guest speaker Danyelle Musselman. Before the event in Magnolia, host Cara Knight sat down with Musselman to get to know her a little better.

They talk about:

  • Danyelle’s special connection to Magnolia, AR
  • Her passion for Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Her career as a sports broadcaster
  • How she helps the Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball players with life skills
  • How she met her husband, Razorbacks Basketball Head Coach Eric Musselman
  • Her favorite part about living in Arkansas and being an Arkansas Razorback
Danyelle Musselman with Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia junior volunteers.

The Boys & Girls Club of Magnolia still needs your help! To donate, text BGCM to 243725, visit HERE or contact Deneisa Jamerson at 870-234-3300 or djamerson.bgcm@gmail.com.

The Farmers Bank Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates independently from Farmers Bank & Trust. For more, visit HERE.

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Photo provided by Walt Reep of the downtown plaza in Paris, TX circa the 1930s.

One of the newer locations Farmers Bank & Trust has entered is the charming city of Paris, Texas. In early June, the Bank announced it’s opening a second branch there.

In this episode, Paris native Walt Reep explains why it’s a good idea to not only stop and take a photo with the iconic Eiffel tower replica but also stay awhile. He’s passionate about the history of his hometown, and he’s investing in it. He shares many interesting facts about the city, like the unique connection between Paris and Dr. Pepper.

Photo provided by Walt Reep.

He also talks about his new business venture Sundae in Paris that’s coming soon to the downtown area! It’s currently a food truck offering sandwiches, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and more. There are also more projects in the works to make Paris an entertainment district. Reep hopes you might be booking your next weekend getaway soon! 


Photos provided by Walt Reep. Renderings of the Sundae in Paris soda fountain.

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At Farmers Bank & Trust, we love to highlight the successes of members in our communities!

So – in this episode, we talked with Dr. Chris Nelson of Providence Veterinary Care of Malvern, Arkansas. He also has two clinics in Caddo Valley and now Little Rock.

Dr. Nelson shares:

  • How he got started in this challenging career
  • Why it’s important to him
  • How we, animal lovers, can learn to understand the extreme emotional demands that come with veterinary work

Dr. Nelson is hiring! He’s on the search for a large animal veterinarian to join his team. For more information about the positions and how to apply, visit HERE.

Not One More Vet provides necessary support to all members of veterinary teams and students who are struggling or considering suicide. Visit their website HERE.

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Thirty-three-year-old entrepreneur and El Dorado, AR native Greg Williams took it to heart when his mom told him at a young age that he could be anything he wanted to be.

He started putting his dreams of becoming a CEO into action by age 23 when he purchased his first rental property. Now, ten years later, he has more than 100 rental properties, a liquor store which is also Arkansas’ first daiquiri drive-thru, and a grocery store.

In this episode, Greg shares steps he took to get to where he is today, and resources that helped him along the way, including his experience working for a Fortune 500 company.

Farmers Bank & Trust has really been apart of all my businesses. Having really deep relationships with Bankers that is built upon results, trust, and confidence, that’s what allows me to be able to take a chance and bring these core type businesses into communities.

Empire Arkansas:

Empire Properties

Prime Liquors

Williams Foods

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