Summer Cybersecurity Reminders

After months cooped up inside, we’re all ready for vacation! Sadly, cybercriminals are ready too, and they’re hoping you’ll hand over the keys to the company safe.

Keep the vault shut with these hot tips:

  1. Update your apps and ensure that each has a unique password rather than using credentials from a social site to sign in.
  2. Bluetooth and public wifi both give hackers a path to your data, so use wired accessories in public areas and spin up a hotspot from your phone, ideally protected by a VPN. Don’t forget to disable your Auto Join Wifi Networks setting!
  3. Never leave work devices unattended, even if they’re hidden. If it can be reached, it can be stolen.
  4. Finally, remember to review emails for security risks before clicking links or downloading files. You want a vacation, not a phishing expedition!

According to RiskIQ.com, cybercrime now costs organizations a whopping $1,797,945 per minute. CSOonline.com reports email phishing accounts for roughly 80% of all cyber-attacks!

Source: Banno.com