Outstanding Employees Recognized at HEART Celebration

We love celebrating and recognizing our employees for their hard work!

Farmers Bank & Trust closed their branches for Presidents’ Day to hold a special all-employee event in Texarkana, the fourth annual HEART Celebration. This event celebrated the Bank’s core values which are built into the word HEART: Honor, Excellence, Adaptability, Respect, and Teamwork. This event included lunch, a state of the bank presentation from CEO Chris Gosnell, and motivation from a nationally acclaimed speaker and author Paul Vitale.

The following employees received HEART recognition awards: Cassidy Drake from Magnolia, AR, Heather Ard from Magnolia, AR, Kayla Simmons from New Boston, TX, Cami Howeth from Texarkana, AR, and India Lewis from Texarkana, AR. Each of those employees received a $700 cash award and a trophy. These awards are given to employees who go above and beyond their daily job duties to make sure customers are taken care of.

Farmers team members strive daily to embody our core values for superior internal and external customer service and wear a HEART lapel pin with their nametags as a constant reminder.

“Farmers Bank & Trust is proud to celebrate our employees and the great accomplishments they have achieved in 2019. I look forward to the bright future we have ahead of us in 2020,” CEO Chris Gosnell stated.

Throughout the year, employees send in nominations for HEART award winners. The following quotes are snippets of nominations sent in for this year’s winners.

Cassidy Drake, Retail Banker (Previously Customer Contact Center Agent)

“Cassidy received a call from a customer asking if something happened to her account because she was not able to purchase anything. After verifying the customer, she saw the customer had a negative available balance. She looked at the history of the account to see what was going on, and saw several PayPal transactions that were not made by the customer. While working on disputing these transactions, Cassidy determined the customer had 214 disputable transactions totaling in excess of $3,000 from PayPal. The call volume in the Contact Center was high that day, so she was not able to work on this until her shift was over at 4:30 p.m. She worked until 6 p.m. to get this done for the customer. Though this is within the job duties of a Contact Center agent, she went above and beyond by researching back 60 days to get more of a refund for the customer. She stayed past her shift to make sure she had all the necessary paperwork ready for the customer to sign and recommended our NetTeller to self-monitor her account with an offer to assist her with the set up.” – Judi Franks

Heather Ard, Manager, Card Services & ATM Operations

“As eBanking worked through a debit card breach, we had around 650 compromised cards bank wide. Of those 650 cards, only 159 customers came into the bank to obtain new debit cards. During the re-issuing, we encountered several printing issues that hindered getting cards printed and mailed out on time. Heather took it upon herself to come in and work both Saturday and Sunday to re-issue the remaining cards, so the process would be finished in time. Her dedication to our customers and our bank showed through as she made sure cards got to customers in a timely fashion ot prevent potential fraud for customers and the bank.” – Tamra Alford

Kayla Simmons, Retail Loan Officer

“Kayla goes above and beyond to show extreme teamwork and effort. She is really a role model when it comes to teamwork and has assisted with covering so many job duties. When one of our tellers was out on medical leave and our retail side was shorthanded, she volunteered to help when she was scheduled to be off. Her attention to what is happening in the branch and reacting with great customer service shows that helping others can have great rewards and does not go unnoticed. We are so privileged to have a team member like Kayla Simmons from New Boston.” – Shanna Johnson

India Lewis, Universal Supervisor & Cami Howeth, Universal Banker

“One of our customers came in with her niece, who had been displaced with no place to live, nor did she have any money and already had to stay at a shelter. The aunt was taking money out of her CD to help with expenses. Cami and India took it upon themselves to go to the store, purchase items the niece needed and split the cost amongst themselves. The customer and her niece were so appreciative! This was certainly an act of kindness on their part. The compassion and grace they showed the customer and her niece shows our core values by setting the example on how to treat everyone with dignity and respect. What a great job!” – Carolyn Harris


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