Podcast Episode 4 – COVID-19 in Our Communities: Matt Brumley

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Right now it only seems fitting to dive into the topic that’s currently affecting everyone everywhere in some way. For many, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has just disrupted your daily routine, but thousands nationwide have been infected with the virus. In this episode, Matt Brumley, the Executive Director of the Saline Health Foundation in central Arkansas, talks about the impact of this pandemic on our local communities.

He shares insight into how this virus has put a strain on our healthcare system, how hospitals have prepared their employees and continue to support them during this unprecedented time. He also talks about ways we can help each other out as we do our best to flatten the curve.

Brumley is also an organizer of one of the largest Christian music festivals in the country. The annual Amplify Fest is scheduled for June 26 & 27, 2020. Skip to 36:30 to hear his response to how this could affect that event.


Saline Health Foundation

Saline Memorial Hospital 


World Health Organization

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